Healthy Home: 7 Benefits of Regular Home Cleaning

We all know the grotty feeling that comes with a messy home. The clothes strewn across the bathroom, the dishes dirty and the floor replete with rubbish. It can be overwhelming and make you want to immediately rectify the situation in one hectic cleaning session!

Unfortunately, a messy home is often the sign of a very busy lifestyle, the kind in which regularly cleaning the home becomes a near-impossibility. If your busy life gets in the way of your ability to keep your space spick and span then perhaps it’s time to call in the experts.

They will ensure that you and your home experiences these awesome and healthy benefits of regular cleaning:

  1. You will have a better sleep

Many people wonder why they can’t get to sleep at night. After all, you had a hectic day, right? You should be dropping off after a few minutes! But, no, there is something keeping you restless, something stopping you from drifting off into a pleasant and restful sleep.

It could be due to your bedroom needing a thorough clean. Obviously it might not appear very messy, but it could contain dust, germs and junk that could be causing an allergic reaction. And, even if you’re not allergic, a clean room is one that is good for your breathing, something that is imperative to getting a proper night’s sleep.

  1. You will stress less

No one wants to come home after a long day of work to a messy home. It’s just a miserable experience and we’ve all been there before. You walk in and one of the first things you notice is that you didn’t have time to stack the dishwasher before rushing the kids off to school. You know you have to cook for the kids but that kitchen is just not looking appealing right now.

It’s stressful and we can all do without it! Instead, enlisting a regular cleaner can ensure that you can come home to a clean and clutter-free home that reduces stress levels when you walk in the door after that hectic day in-office, onsite etc.

  1. You will be more productive at home

Many Perthians have taken to the post-pandemic lifestyle of working from home. But a funny little paradox often occurs that the more we work from home the less we take care of it. Because, after all, we’re still working, but we’re also cooking, eating, using the bathroom more in our very own homes. Many remote workers will attest to the fact that their homes get far messier with them working there than if they were back at the office.

Unfortunately, this paradox can actually make you less productive, and the last thing you want is your productivity to drop – you’ll be called back to the office in no time! Instead, why not have a cleaner come through every now and again to ensure your space is a productivity dream?! They will ensure that your home is clean and clutter-free, allowing you to work at maximum productivity without stressing about cleaning the bathroom tiles whilst you’re in the middle of an imperative Zoom meeting.

  1. There will be fewer accidents at home

It’s one of those things that you think will never happen in your home, but a lot of unfortunate things can happen in a messy home. A messy home is one that is replete with risk of falls, slips, trips and any other dips and dives that could have life-altering consequences.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that you take care to regularly clean your home. Enlisting a regular cleaning service will ensure that your space is at least safer from the risk of unfortunate incidents occurring in situations where they really shouldn’t have.

After all, no one wants to live in a home where they think they might have a life-changing stack every time they go from the bedroom to the bathroom!

  1. A clean home encourages a healthy lifestyle

Stressed people tend to lead a more unhealthy lifestyle. Stress is directly linked to unhealthy lifestyle habits like eating junk food, excessive drinking, smoking, losing sleep and more. Unfortunately, an excessively messy home is something that elevates our stress levels and can contribute to our desire for unhealthy things.

In contrast, a clean home reduces our stress levels and makes us feel more calm in our space. This can help reduce our overall stress levels which can then have a positive impact on overall lifestyle choices. Think about it: when you’re situated in a clean, calming environment, are you constantly thinking about slamming 15 beers and a pack of Winnie Blues before finishing the night off at the kebab stand?

Maybe sometimes, but the likelihood of it being a recurring theme is lower in a clean, nourishing and welcoming space.

  1. Clean homes make for friendly families (& mates, too!)

Mesys homes lead to increased conflict between family members. We’ve all heard of arguments that have erupted over one kid leaving their filthy cricket gear in the hallway instead of putting it in the laundry where it belongs. There is a heightened risk of conflict in a messy home and this can lower familial relationships and happiness in general.

What’s more, humans are sociable creatures, and require relationships to maintain a heightened level of happiness. Unfortunately, not many people want to go around to a messy home, and this can leave the homeowner feeling a bit excluded which, consequently, can lower their happiness levels. Instead, it’s a great idea to ensure your mates are always thrilled to be at your home by enlisting a regular cleaning service!

  1. It’s simply better for your health

A grimy, grotty home is one that is bad for your health. Any bacteria, germs, muck and soot that is floating around a messy home is bad for the occupants’ health and should be rectified. Enlisting a regular cleaner will ensure that your home is healthy and hygienic and one that you are proud to call your own!

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