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Rent inspections can be a stressful experience. They have a certain way of increasing our cortisol levels to their highest elevation. From the bathroom to the bedroom, the laundry and the living room, there are just so many spaces that could contain dirt, grime, spills and stains. We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when the property manager crouches down to inspect the oven you forgot to clean in the rush of ensuring everything else was spotless!

And, despite your best efforts, it’s always the thing you forgot to do that stays with the property manager and has them requesting that you immediately remedy the situation. Yes, it sure is a stressful time, and this is exacerbated by the fact that rent inspections can occur up to four times a year in Perth! It feels like you just got the place nice and spotless for the last inspection and, wham, the property manager’s booked your place in for the 30th of this month.

This can be a daunting and even overwhelming experience for busy Perthites, who might struggle to find the time to get their space absolutely spotless before the property manager comes a knocking. This is exactly why you need to call in the experts to ensure your home is spick, span and ready to rebuff all their little tricks to get you in trouble with the owner.

Housekeeping WA provides the perfect rent inspection service. Our expert cleaners use top quality products when covering a comprehensive checklist that ensures your home will be immaculate on inspection day. You can welcome the property manager into your home with the peace of mind that a professional team has left no stone (or stain) unturned when it comes to ensuring that the property manager leaves satisfied that they have chosen a winning tenant!

What You Can Expect from Our Perth Vacate Service

It’s our meticulous attention to detail that makes our service number one in the City of Light. We are dedicated to ensuring that both you and your property manager finish the inspection on a high note and make this happen through a rigorous cleaning service. Nothing makes us happier than creating ongoing client relationships with tenants who trust our service and know that we will provide Perth’s most thorough rental inspection clean.

You can expect the following from our service:

Passion: We provide our rent inspection service with absolute passion. Why? Because we know just how important it is to ensure that your space is spotless when the property manager starts eyeing the most innocuous of corners in the bathroom. We reach every one of those otherwise-unseen spaces and ensure that your property manager will be highly impressed by just how well you keep the house.

Friendly team: We get it – these inspections are a lot. You are already so busy with work, family and socialising and it seems like these quarterly inspections creep up on you out of nowhere! It’s a nuisance and downright stressful and this is why we exist to make it that little bit smoother for you. Our friendly team not only provides the most thorough service in the job but they do so with a smile on their faces to help you relax with the peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

Top quality products: We proudly use the best products in the business. We do this because we believe in providing nothing but the best quality to ensure that the inspection goes exactly to plan. Whether it’s cleaning out a filthy oven, scrubbing the floors or wiping the walls, we will use the very best products to ensure that your place is as fresh as the day it was built.

Efficiency: We get it – you want this service out of the way as soon as possible. And, whilst our team may need extra time to ensure your home is as clean as can be, you can relax with the peace of mind that we will do it in the most efficient manner possible. Naturally, it all depends on how much cleaning needs to be done to satisfy what could be a very picky property manager, but you can rest-assured that our team will work quickly and rigorously.

Our carpet cleaning.

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So, it’s that time of the quarter, half or three-quarter year. That time when you get the dreaded email detailing the date and time that your property manager will pervade your pad and scrutinise every last detail. But it doesn’t have to be something to worry about, especially when you’ve got the Housekeeping WA team with all hands on decking.

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