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It’s an unfortunate truth that the dirt and grime trapped in your tiles and grout often won’t come out, leaving your tiled walls or floors discoloured, no matter how long or hard you scrub for. This is because grout is a deeply porous material, which traps dirt and grime far beyond the reach of a regular scouring brush or mop.

Why spend another second kneeling on the cold, hard ground or tiring out your arms with old toothbrushes? Housekeeping WA can come to your home in Perth and give your tiles and grout a professional cleaning to make your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry shine and gleam. Our specialist equipment makes quick work of any discolouration, grime, and spills on your tiled floors and walls, and we take into account even the smallest of details to ensure you get the best cleaning service, personalised to your tiles and grout.

How we ensure a deep and thorough cleaning of your grout and tiles

Certain cleaning solutions will extract dirt and grime better than others, depending on your grout composition.Different factors can influence what solution will give you the best cleaning results, such as damaged tiles, missing grout, and the pH balance of your tiles.

The experts at Housekeeping WA are extremely detail-oriented and dedicated to getting you the best results possible, so we conduct a pre-inspection of your tiles and grout before we begin the cleaning process to ensure the best results for your home.

Once we’ve applied a pH-matched cleaning solution to your grout and tiles, we use specialist techniques and tools to extract and flush away dirt, and get those tiles sparkling like new again.

Take the hassle out of cleaning your tiles and grout

Whether you just want to give your bathroom a face lift or you’re about to vacate a rental property, Housekeeping WA is here to help the people of Perth refresh their tiles and grout! Call 9380 9070 or contact us online for a free quote on any of our services!

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